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De hecho es bastante mas luminosa, "alternativa", iconoclasta, elegante, intelectual e incluso arty que la artista media a la que nos podamos referir por aqui...estupendos que componen uno de los trabajos mas interesantes de este 2015.
--, Madrid, Spain

rykarda parasol

"With this new album, Rykarda Parasol confirms her qualities as a singer and songwriter. Her deep and gravelly voice will vibrate more than once.
If you like Marianne Faithfull and Nick Cave, try the adventure again"
- Music In Belgium

"The strongest album of her career , being more mature , confident and determined than ever..."

- MiC, Greece

Against the Sun - Muruch's Top 25 Albums of 2013

Against the Sun - 2013 Best Albums of the Year

Against the Sun: "each time I listen to this CD I fall more and morein love with it" - "Music Is", Warsaw, PL

San Diego Uptown News>
Singer stands out: Rykarda Parasol, the San Francisco native offers up throaty vocals and an avante-garde style that has earned her international attention.

Against the Sun: DJ Amperdan's
Best Albums of 2013

"...Another accomplished rock-noir album, this time in an acoustic format that showcases her striking vocals and perceptive lyrics even more than before ... latest album, the masterful, arresting, and personal Against The Sun"

Netherlands Live Review: "The stakes are high and it is Rykarda Parasol, also described as the female Nick Cave is a tough level to hold. The blonde singer succeeds with flying colors and more than meets the expectations of the public."

"magnificent musician from san francisco. creator of one of the best albums in recent memory, 'for bood and wine'"

Rykarda Parasol-For Blood and Wine: She goes where most female singers dread going with their voices, often low and deep in a way that would please the likes of Nina Simone or Diamanda Galas. For Blood and Wine is an almost intimidating accomplishment.

don't miss singer-songwriter/gitarist extrodinaire Rykarda Parasol and her great band from San Francisco tear the shit out of it tomorrow at Pianos on Lower East Side

"For Blood and Wine" - BEST OF LISTS 2009



"The Lady to Watch! Parasol blends Tom Waits' noir tendencies with Nick Cave's stinging rock, but maintains uniqueness."

"A genuine musical force in her own right. Parasol weaves gothic, bluesy tales of desire and strength, compassion and solitude. She's just what I need."

"Fans who take to her have done so fully, offering up comparisons to everything from Edith Piaf to a Tarantino movie"

"She is elegant, intellectual, but with the hint of bad girl lurking behind the impeccable image. It is ANDY WARHOL wild-girl style, yet so restrained, so refined."


"This woman can change your life."

"If Nick Cave had a uterus and was impregnated by Johnny Cash, Rykarda Parasol would be their talented daughter with the low voice."

5 stars! "Undisputed Album of the Year"
Westzeit, Germany's Premier Music Magazine

"...definitely one of the best female albums of the year"
(Gazeta, Poland)

"...and finally the voice of Rykarda: dark, sensual, sometimes raw and powerful"

Against the Sun
2013 Best Album Covers of the Year

Rolling Stone, Germany 2008

Die Poesie ihrer Lyrics wird von der Presse gern neben stilistische Ikonen wie Lou Reed oder WIlliam Faulkner gesetzt. Eine seltene Perle des Songwritertums, die vor allem in Deutschland noch unentdeckt unter der Aufmerksamkeitsschwelle des Mainstreams verborgen liegt.

The album's title offers an indication of what Parasol has to offer: darkly intoxicating and viscerally affecting music... Parasol has the gift of taking life's ugliness and making it hauntingly seductive and beautifully poetic
through the alchemy of her songwriting and performance... Not just a talented singer and songwriter, Parasol is a multifaceted and truly independent artist.

Time-Out New York 2010: " Doomy glamourpuss Rykarda Parasol takes her cues from Nick Cave's Birthday Party."


Rykarda Parasol comes to Nuremberg. She looks and sounds like a mysterious, dangerous seductress who tells stories with her songs about love, yearning, whiskey and death. With her deep, quiet-cool voice, she gives her songs a sinister such intensity that draws the listener from the first moment in its spell.

This woman is dark. Nick Cave is a glitter boy compared to the lyricist talent of Rykarda
...if you saw her walking down the street, you'd have no clue that this beauty could tear your heart out with one song.

2010:More Sultry and Darkly Affecting "Noir Rock" from Rykarda Parasol "darkly intoxicating, sultry and viscerally affecting music. Parasol has been getting a lot of local attention lately as she performs around the SF-Bay Area... I must say, the praise she is getting is well deserved... Parasol's sound is richly expressive, with lyrics that are often poignant poetry set to music.

A Room To Breathe in Blog: Feb 2010: Rykarda Parasol is an American artist who creates beautiful dark rock music... Often compared to Nick Cave, Nico and the Velvet Underground, and Johnny Cash, Parasol weaves intricate tales infused with dark meaning and simmering atmosphere. The end result is a highly stylized aesthetic of both sound and imagery... This is a must-have for everyone! Absolutely brilliant!

This is gorgeous, gothy, dark, sensual stuff, lush but never heavy-handed, sparse when it needs to be, like the chilling, "Hold Back the Night." It's haunting and gorgeous, dense and easy to get lost in. Well worth you getting your ears wrapped around.

"highly stylized aesthetic of both sound and imagery. Most of the lyrics on "Our Hearts First Meet" are drawn from Parasol's personal life and sewn into cohesive songs which, though seemingly simple, offer themselves up for multiple interpretations. This is a must-have for everyone! Absolutely brilliant! "

Imagine that Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen had a baby and raised her in a cool dive bar — that baby would be Rykarda Parasol. With a deep, throaty voice and some deliciously nasty lyrics, she's a great antidote to all that is banal and tedious in the current music scene.

The arsenal is rife with Jim Jarmusch-esque musical imagery: Reverb-dripping whammy-bar leads anchor saloon-piano vignettes, all cemented by Parasol's sinister vocals. Her rustic croon (the female counterpoint to a broodier Nick Cave)

Lviv, Ukraine, 2016
"Sweetest Things of 2008"


99 Most Popular Emerging Songs in the Word

"One of the best albums this year"
- review of "For Blood and Wine"

#2 spot, (Greece)

#2 spot, (USA)

#2 spot, Dandy Pop (USA)

#3 spot (Germany)

Top 10 Albums of 2009 - KUSF's "Time Warp" (San Francisco, USA) Best Local Bands of the '00s (San Francisco, USA)

Top 15 albums of 2009: Muruch (USA)

# 19 (Poland)

Top 2009 Albums, (Germany)

Best of 2009, Esensja Arts and Culture Magazine (Poland)

Instinct, passion, breaking the constraints and, at the same time, destruction. "Istinto, passione, rottura dei vincoli e, allo stesso tempo, distruzione. Sono questi gli elementi sui quali fa leva la Parasol per illuminare The color of destruction attingendo parole ed emozioni dalla propria errabonda filosofia di vita" - Distorsioni (IT)

2017: " contrasto tra fuoco e acqua, inverno e primavera, nuovi dubbi di amletica memoria ("To Burn Or To Drown?", ovvero “Bruciare o affogare?"), la perdita di controllo, e si distende lungo un tappeto di velluto sontuosamente pop che mescola sintetizzatori con violini, viole e flauti, mentre le voce della Parasol si scioglie come una glassa lasciata al sole." Read more >

The Color of Destruction: Album of the Week. The struggle between the ascending fire and sinking ship. "The Color of Destruction erzahlt vom Kampf zwischen dem aufsteigendem Feuer und dem Untergang, dem allesverschlingendem und allwährenden Ringen um Macht, das schlussendlich die Welt im Gleichgewicht halt."

rykarda parasol

"Rykarda Parasol > Top Ten Bands to Watch For" As heard on Live 105's "Soundcheck" with Aaron Axelsen, KUSF, and KALX"

Featured interview in VICE Magazine

The Los Angeles Weekly, LA California.
"Sounds like Siouxsie Sioux fronting the Gun Club -- it's weirdly gorgeous. (She) is obviously kind of intense, finding great beauty in great sadness."

I've thrown atleast half a dozen verbal tomatoes at the trend of young girls screeching their lyrics... Finally, there's relief: a young woman who sounds like a w-o-m-a-n (as in Suzanne Pleshette or Lauren Bacall). Another "finally" is inspired by Parasol's molding of noir/cabaret to her own image. most male imitators of Tom Waits and Nick Cave have lost their freshness for me. But when a w-o-m-a-n comes on like a cross between Lotte Lenya, Nick Cave, and Patti Smith, I slump at the bar with a Shirley Temple and take notice.

East Bay Express feb 17 2010:
Rykarda Parasol, For Blood and Wine. Imagine that Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen had a baby and raised her in a cool dive bar — that baby would be Rykarda Parasol. With a deep, throaty voice and some deliciously nasty lyrics, she's a great antidote to all that is banal and tedious in the current music scene. — it's awesome stuff.

2010. While her lyrics are born of familial tragedies, Parasol's smoky singing style is a result of her interests in both blues and opera. She likens her bluesy vocals to other deep-voiced artists such as Nick Cave, Tom Waits and Marianne Faithfull. Her opera side comes out in the way her somber lyrics tell a dramatic story.

"Sometimes you don't get to choose a band name because a band name has already chosen you. Such is the case with San Francisco's romantically moody rocker Rykarda Parasol..."

Parasol is one of the more interesting vocalists of the 21st Century that will make you shiver like a cold wind blew in as much as hypnotically entrance you.

Rykarda Parasol cannot possibly own pajama pants. That would be too normal, and she never seems like a normal person. Last night at Hemlock Tavern, the Scandinavian-descended, noir-blues poet ruled her small stage like a foreign princess, weaving lyrical tales of murder and vice with a remote, enchanting presence.

Rykarda Parasol has one of the more distinct voices of our generation...
The depth of her sultry sound is uncommon, and worth a visit to Hemlock Tavern tonight. She's sold out plenty of shows already, and her musical themes of "bad deeds and betrayed loves" will no doubt get you into her gin-fused groove. She may be just what you need. Check her out!

Her latest record reminds so much of Nick Cave's superior moment, Tender Prey: she is angry, she is passionate, and when she sings her blues she is heartbreaking. Her voice and singing remind the Johhny Cash of American Recordings- yes this voice is a natural gift... and if I could chnage my vote she would be my number 1- this is a classic record, one that we have been waiting for more than 20 years to put beside Tender Prey.

Austin Chronicle
SXSW Picks: In the lazy, hazy tradition of fellow salvation shucksters Nick Cave and Siouxie Sioux, singer Rykarda Parasol leads this fourpiece from Frisco, delivering a smoky, gin-tinged salve to soothe the souls of the wicked, like Opal, OP8, and opium combined.


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