Ms Parasol has written and self-produced a collection of recordings of albums all of which have been released independently in the USA and distributed by various labels in Europe, including Interbang (DE), Warner Music (PL), and Painted Dog (NL) and previously Glitterhouse (DE). Rykarda is also the creator-designer of her emblematic album art. Scroll down to view information about each album, lyrics, cover art, and other musical projects.


rykarda parasol
The Color of Destruction
Autumn, 2015

rykarda parasol
Against the Sun

rykarda parasol
For Blood and Wine

rykarda parasol
Our Hearts First Meet

rykarda parasol
Here She Comes...

::: SINGLES :::

"Pulse" By Rubberlips & Rykarda
Soon to be released 2017

"Your Arrondissement or Mine?
Dante White Aliano Remix" 2014

Vinyl Single "Your Safety is My Concern" 2010


Cellista 2016 (USA)
Rykarda Parasol spokenw ord, piano, songwriting For more information >>

4-Song EP, 2012 (PL)
Heart and Soul Featuring Rykarda Parasol
Rykarda Parasol: Front-woman & co-songwriter

Heart & Soul Feat. Rykarda Parasol (PL)
("Decades" performed by Rykarda 2013)
More info here >

"Fire in My Bones" Jeff Zentner (USA)
Rykarda Parasol, backing vocals

"Honeymoon" Dante vs Zombies (USA)
Rykarda Parasol, backing vocals

"Enjoy the Solitude", Made in Poland (PL)
Rykarda Parasol: Vocals

Sala Samobojcow, 2011 (USA)
Various Artists - Music from the film
Featuring two exclusive songs by Rykarda Parasol

"Baby, Don't You Know?" By: Kabanjak (DE)
Rykarda Parasol: Vocals. Co-author lyrics & melody

Film and TV Soundtracks featuring
Ms. Parasol's work include, but are not limited to:

Covered, adapted, and songs performed by
other artists, written by Ms Parasol:

  • Laskawosci, Iwona Loranc, 2016
    (Originally "Kindness You're Killing Me")
  • Mogz, Misia fF2014
    (Originally "Your Safety Is My Concern")

Lyric writing and/or adaption by Ms. Parasol:

  • Mandalay, Nash, 2017
    English lyrics adapted by Ms. Parasol
  • Fairy Tales, Nash, 2017
    English lyrics adapted by Ms. Parasol from the song "Bajka"


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