Ms Parasol’s newest album, "The Color of Destruction", a thematic struggle between sinking and fiery blaze, is out now! To purchase, visit here or read more about the album.

Ms Parasol plans to attends MIDEM this June and spring concerts are being announced.


"The Ruin and the Change" Album single from the "Color of Destruction" (October 2015)
Video directed by Glass Coffin.

Rykarda Parasol
Ryska Ryki

Other news and sitings ...

Above: Rykarda at Tiny Telephone recording spoken word and piano tracks for friend, Freya Seeburger's (Aka Cellista) debut album of experimental classic sounds - due out in autumn, 2015.

Above: Rykarda recorded some guest vocals for an upcoming Death Valley High Release. Pictured: Mark Pistel from Room 5 Recording Studio, Rykarda, and DTH frontman, Reyka Osburn.

Above: Rykarda singing backup vocals during comedian Margret Cho's San Francisco winter campaign to help the homeless, #BeRobin.


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