Heart & Soul Featuring Rykarda Parasol

Heart & Soul Featuring Rykarda Parasol initially began with a sponsorship by renowned Warsaw-based national culture organization, The Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM). The collaboration began in Lodz, Poland 2011. The band, Heart & Soul, is in fact, a super group of sorts highlighting members of some of Poland's most noteworthy indie and cold-wave bands, which includes members of Agressiva 69, Made In Poland, Cool Kids of Death, and L. Stadt. The 2012 EP is a result of their writing and recording collaboration. The band consists of Piotr Pawlowski, Lukasz Klaus, Slawomir Leniart, Lukasz Lach, Bodek Pezda, and Rykarda Parasol.

Heart & Soul Featuring Rykarda Parasol, 2011.

Heart & Soul Featuring Rykarda Parasol, 2011.

“Decades” featuring Rykarda Parasol, 2013

“Decades” featuring Rykarda Parasol, 2013

While the EP is officially only released in Europe, one can stream on Spotify and/or purchase on iTunes. In 2013, Heart & Soul released a covers album of Joy Division songs featuring Rykarda singing “Decades” available on iTunes worldwide.

The Adam Mickiewicz Institute (IAM): Named for the iconic poet and patriotic leader, The Adam Mickiewicz Institute's goal is to promote Polish language and culture abroad. Mickiewicz is a cultural icon, a name inextricably connected with Polish literature and history.



Top Ten Albums of 2012 : "W roku 2012 na rynku pojawila sie EPKa Heart & Soul. Ktos moze wybrzydzac, ze w zestawie moich dziesieciu najlepszych plyt roku pojawia sie pozycja, ktora trwa niespelna szesnascie minut." Read original article here >


VICE Interview with Rykarda, Feb. 2012: More and more it takes a lot for music to actually make me feel something. Usually I'll put on an album and then go about my business of eating a ham sandwich or picking crumbs out of the throw rugs, while the notes just toot away in the background. If something is especially good, I'll listen to it more than twice and learn a few lyrics, but even then, it probably won't take me on "an emotional journey" or whatever. Continued here >

"Formed under a consensus of style (Namely dark and cold wave) the members of Heart & Soul came together from all parts of Poland. Invited along, Parasol's disturbing, low, somewhat evocative voice famously envelopes in darkness. As on her solo work, Parasol's aesthetics work well here. Like some gothic goddess - tempting and seductive, piercing cold." - Gazeta, Warsaw - Poland.


"The meeting of two musical worlds falls perfectly. The EP consists of 4 tracks, written by - in turn - Lukasz Lach, Bodka Pezda, Slawomir Leniarta and Peter Pawlowski (With lyrics by Rykarda Parasol). The opening track is easily admirable, "Elaine" a duet between Rykarda and Lukasz Lache of L. Stadt. It is a balanced, lovely song, with beautiful buttons and great complementary female and male voices.


Heart & Soul has created an absolutely unique material, combines sensational sounds alongside the Rykarda's unique voice. We hope a full length album is in the near future!" - Tego Slucham, Poland.


"Elaine is one of those songs where you fall in love immediately. A beautiful ballad sung in a duet with Lukasz Lach from L.Stadt" - WeAreFromPoland



"What I like most about this project, is openness, freshness and variability - the group transforms with each song. Seeing the cover of Heart & Soul EP's Rykarda Parasol featuring such names as: Bodek Pezda (2Cresky, Made In Poland), Slawomir "Dzabi" Leniart (2Cresky, Pati Yang band, Made In Poland), Piotr Pawlowski (Made In Poland), Lukasz Lach (L.Stadt) and Luke Klaus (CKOD, NOT), I knew immediately it would be a major musical event in our market and we get a disc. Rykard's unique vocals, hypnotic, cold-wave climate, and technique, musical experience and creativity of musicians represent the uniqueness of the disc... Rykarda's amazing voice added a new quality, freshness and excitement to the unusual cold-wave sound of Heart & Soul.... I hope there is a full-length album in the near future." - Dark Planet