Language Arts

“I tell stories in many ways, but it’s all for the purpose of communication. Language is my preferred tool to use.”

I’m currently working on several lengthy projects beginning and ending with the written word, but they will also rely on image as well as sound. These multi-dimensional works of art seem to take a vast amount of time! So I encourage you to stay tuned.

Much of my work is collage. Like with my visuals, I piece together things I find. These “found sounds” and field recordings get mixed with music and poetry. Below is a sample of poetry set to sound.

In meantime, please browse this section to read more of my wordy word words. Note: a digital anthology of my lyrics will become available this year.

Lastly, I sometimes guest write for various publications for music and art-related subjects. Below is a little sample:

  • WICE Blog volunteer writer and illustrator

  • Album review, Black Love by the Afghan Whigs >

  • Perspective on the art of Charlotte Salomons for the Contemporary Jewish Museum, SF >