Aunt black (children’s series)

Written and illustrated by Ms. Parasol, Aunt Black captivates children with her independent, artistic style and her penchant for the color black. A woman whose priorities are friendships, painting, singing, traveling, and learning – encouraging self reliance, expression and individuality.

Her love of the color black demonstrates that, though she defies gendered ideals, she is lovely, stylish, feminine and fun.

A little bit Audrey Hepburn meets Madeline, Aunt Black may also be inspired by the Swedish children’s books her mother read to her like Pippi Longstocking and the charming world of Elsa Beskov – whose “Aunt Brown, Aunt Green, and Aunt Violet” no doubt have made an impression. Ms. Parasol’s Aunt Black has modern twist: A caring Auntie with an independent spirit. Aunt Black makes her own fun.

There are currently two books in the series: Aunt Black and Aunt Black Goes to Paris.

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aunt black.png

Ms. Parasol is currently shopping her book to interested agents and publishers. PDF dummies and hard-copies are available upon request to publishers and agents only. Please contact below.

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