Venice Field Recordings

We talk a lot about music, but do we talk about sound? Pleasing sounds? The details of sounds that surround us? I like to dial-in to what’s clacking and crackling around me. It’s wonderful, of course, to take scenic photos of your last vacation. When you’re snapping along – do you think about what you’re hearing as well? That beautiful church cathedral probably has an amazing echo. The limestone bricks under your dress shoe souls make an interesting tone, no? Doesn’t sound help us define depth and space?

The various waves of noise mixed in with fragrances from flowers or smokestacks always enchant me. So, as is often the case, when traveling, I record bits and pieces of things I hear and later, assemble a little collage for later. Interestingly enough I can visualize so much of what I saw just by listening.

So with that, here’s a souvenir from Venice beginning with the showstopping air-conditioners at the museum (and I’m not kidding, they were worth the price of admission) …